Sheila Reeves, Photographer | Kentucky Artist

Our Member Spotlight of the Month is on Photographer, Sheila Reeves. Let’s get to know her!

Were you always creative and what was your earliest creation, in any medium?
I never really thought of myself as creative. I identified more with being academic and logical. However, I did enjoy creating music. I played flute in High School band. And I enjoyed sewing my own clothes, so I guess my creativity was there – waiting to be recognized and embraced.

At what point did you say, “I’m an artist”?
That has only happened recently. When I realized that my photographs could be more than a documentation of what I saw, that they could express what I experienced and felt, I began to think of myself as an artist. Also, realizing that what the camera captures can serve as a starting point has allowed me to say “I’m an artist”!

What inspired you to become a photographer?
Self defense! Let me explain. My husband, Alan, got into photography before I did. When we would go someplace, I found myself standing around waiting for him to “find the best shot” and I soon realized that I couldn’t beat him so I might as well join him.

What is your favorite piece (of your own) and why?
I don’t really have a favorite. Maybe the next one …

What is your favorite genre of photography and why?
I guess my favorite genre would be Landscapes. I enjoy capturing the beauty of creation and processing the images to express what I felt when I pressed the shutter. However, I also enjoy close-up photography because I tend to be tuned into the small details in nature.

What is your take on black & white vs. color photographs?
They both have their place, however, I usually prefer color.

What inspires you, in general?
I am inspired by the beauty around me. Travelling to new places gives me inspiration.

If you could be an artist anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Just one place? I don’t want to be restricted.

What is your dream for future endeavors?
I want to keep travelling and photographing the places I go for as long as my health allows. I haven’t spent much time out west, so that is on my bucket list. And I would love to go to the Galapagos!

Who is your favorite artist?
I don’t have a favorite one. I enjoy and appreciate many artists – photographers and painters!

Do you have a photographic series you are currently working on?
No, but maybe I should.

Where can people find your work? Do you exhibit? Local markets? Galleries? Website? Social media?
I have participated in ArtWorks exhibits and Sunny 16 Exhibits. I also participate in Celebration of the Arts and Women in the Arts. I have taken part in a couple of Holiday Markets and hope to continue doing that. I post regularly to Sheila Backfisch Reeves on Facebook, and I recently created a website

What awards or recognitions have you received recently?
I had some images selected for inclusion in the City of Bowling Green 2019 Calendar. I also had an image chosen in the top 250 in the “Altered Reality” category with the North American Nature Photography Association that was published in their “Expressions” Magazine. Most recently, I was awarded first place in professional photography at the Celebration of the Arts.