Member Meeting at Pushin Studio | Bowling Green KY Artists

Our next member meeting will be at the Pushin Building Artists’ Studio in downtown Bowling Green. We’ll take a tour of the studio and chat with the current artist members about their work. This week, we’ll share a bit about each of those members, as well as some photos of their works. In the meantime, read about the studio below.

In 2004, Angie Alexieff rented 2000 square feet of space in the Pushin Building where she not only continues her own studio work for Exuberant Easel! Studio, but sublets to other artists.

Pushin Building Artist Studio is located in a small warehouse space at 400 E. Main St. For a handful of artists in the Bowling Green community, family is about coming together in a homey loft type space to make art alongside one another. In total, there are currently eight artists who have a working space at Pushin.

Pushin distinguishes itself from other local art venues in that it is a working studio and not a gallery. As a working studio, as opposed to a gallery, Pushin is only open to the public six times per year, generally for the Bowling Green Gallery Hops and The World’s Greatest Studio Tour. The artists often meet clients and friends at the studio to purchase art. Pushin was started by Angie Alexieff and is now co-managed by Alexieff and Myra Dwyer. The studio has a waiting list of artists looking for space to rent.