Meet the Artists of Pushin Building Artists Studio | Art Bowling Green, KY

This is the first in our series of Meet the Artists of the Pushin Building Artists Studio.

Angie Alexieff – co-manager of Pushin Artists Studio

Angie Alexieff grew up in Chicago and Austin. She spent a lot of time watching her mother take painting knives to large canvases, creating beautiful abstract, but it took her 34 years to pick up a paintbrush. When she did she was hooked.

Alexieff prefers painting in oil, on her own hand-stretched canvas, with painting knives. She loves to paint big. Sometimes she paints in acrylic and she also paints tiny watercolor floral still lifes by the dozens. “Painting tinys is my yoga,” she says. “Painting in my studio is a completely different experience. I’m focused and present, which I love. However, I never know when I’ll be finished with a piece. When I’m working on a commission that can get stressful, but when I’m traveling, painting my tiny watercolors is just so relaxing.”

Her style is loose and usually colorful. Her mother’s influence is clear, and she’s inspired by her other favorite painters – Wolf Kahn, Hans Hofmann, and Henri Matisse.

Alexieff started Pushin Bldg Artists’ Studio in 2004, and she and Myra Dwyer now sublease to other artists. She is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in Journalism. Alexieff is executive director of the local beautification nonprofit Operation PRIDE. She and husband Mike have two children and two cats. They have lived in Bowling Green since 2001.