Guest Speaker Leslie Nichols | Bowling Green KY Art Coalition

Local artist Leslie Nichols was the guest speaker at the ArtWorks, Inc. member meeting in January. Leslie, who creates works with manual typewriters, shared her Artist-in-Residence experiences and work with everyone in attendance.

Leslie’s residencies include:

Women’s Studio Workshop, Letterpress Studio, Rosendale, Sept-Oct 2015

Zion National Park, Springdale, UT, April 2015

Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT, May 2011

Hopscotch House, Prospect, KY, June 2010

Can Serrat, El Bruc, Spain, June 2002

Leslie explained that residencies can be for one artist at a time or for several artists. At Zion National Park, Leslie was the only artist-in-residence, while she was with a selected group of artists for the other residencies. Some of the group residencies have artists who all work in the same medium and others invite a diverse group to participate.

Most of the programs provide room, board, and studio space, as well as necessary equipment to create art. They are geared toward artists who already know how to create art and are simply providing a creative outlet with freedom, or concentrated time, to create in their desired field.

Generally, the residencies request a presentation from the artist while she is there for her stay. Another requirement might be a donation of one or two pieces of work created during her studio time at the residence.

To learn more about Leslie Nichols’ art, visit her website at You can also find her on Facebook at Leslie Nichols Art.

For resources about Artist-in-Residence programs, visit these sites:

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