About ArtWorks Inc.

Mission Statement

ArtWorks: a Visual Arts Coalition is a non-profit organization of artists, patrons, and supporters dedicated to creating a sustainable art community by increasing visibility, vitality, and economic growth for the visual arts.

Vision Statement

ArtWorks: a Visual Arts Coalition will be a driving force in the Bowling Green, Kentucky area.

We will actively participate in our community while promoting, protecting and preserving the vitality and visibility of the visual arts. Artworks will commit to empower visual artists through financial support, exhibition opportunities, and professional seminars. We will educate the community and its leaders and policy makers on the economic benefits gained by enhancing our local culture through the works of visual artists.

Central to our Vision is a philanthropic plan designed to assist and strengthen our community at large, which in turn will help ensure a successful future for our coalition of visual artists.

As an organized body of visual artists which took root from the seeds of philanthropy, Artworks will pursue strategic investments and partnerships in projects and initiatives that inspire visual artists to imagine new horizons and to create new visions that will catalyze the cultural arts movement in our community.

ArtWorks will become the voice of leadership for the visual arts.

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